a huge task...help!

hello everyone.
my little sister (who is in primary school) loves dragons like i do. she asked me a favor a while ago and i thought it would be a great chalange. she has this club sort of thing and she’s asked me to model a dragon and animate it to show her club. i have made a start on the dragon but i have come across a few problems. the dragon she described to me has scales that stand up a little but not by much. i’m not sure how to model that in and i can’t sculpt it in because non of the computers i have access to can have a high enough resolution.
this is the dragon she whants but i told her i was not going to put an icredible amount of detail with the fins and such and this is what i have

If you can’t sculpt them, the best bet would be to use a bump map. Create UVs and then paint in the scales.

hey, use UV maps and such, that will keep it low poly but high res

Quick and dirty way to create reptilian skin is to use Voronoi texture in Normal channel.


If you go to www.cgtextures.com There’s a category called ‘animals’. Perhaps you can find a suitable texture there?
Make a free cgtextures account and you can download 15 MB of textures every day.

Hope this helps!

how do i use a bump map?

Bump map is like gray height map. You use Nor button just like Normal map but with No RGB button selected.