A humble request

Can we cool it with the game threads?

It seems like all the entertaining posts are getting put into those. And there are FOUR of the things on the first page alone.

If we want to have one spam thread to basically talk about whatever that’s cool, but jesus christ, this is ridiculous. Bring back Trr or something to give them something to do.

Most of the threads lately have been either technology related (ok in small doses) or totally worthless (like that shitty hamster one).

Oh, and no more polls. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, no more fucking polls. Everybody just answers the question without looking at anyone else’s answers and it’s just stupid and a waste of forum page space. No one is interested in what percentage of you are male/female/American/Dutch/whatever. No one.


calm the FUCK down.

just wanted to do that. :smiley:

Hey, I just realised we don’t have a :lol: emoticon. I thought that about the hamster one too. It’s not quite what I thought it was but still.

Lame polls, I entirely agree.

What we really need is something interesting to talk about. We can’t talk about computers because of all those damn fanboys. They know who they are. We can’t talk about games 'cos Valarking gets annoyed (I’m going to bump one just to piss you off more :yes:). We can’t talk about religion or politics (same thing these days) 'cos we’ve been through them all before. All those picture threads and story threads have gotten so old they are just irritating. We can’t make a thread full of nekkid cartoon girls drawn by Sago because there’s too many young people here. What can we do??? :frowning:

Super-Wu and Sago brought life to the forum but where are they?


Seems we don’t have anything to talk about anymore. The Super Wu fad has kinda faded and Sago also seems to have given up drawing funny pics. Or atleast posting them here.
Well, some new fad will come along and well have plenty to talk about :spin:

Which will be this! :smiley: