A joke

actually, im not in the mood for a flame war today…

this thread is worth locking.

Another proof of your dammed stupidity.

I don’t agree with most of what Bush do…but hell, what’s the point of starting a stupid debate on the internet that won’t change your opinion or anything? it’s totally useless.

nathan, please, get mature and stop spamming this forum. Some of your post are correct, but stop making useless posts. tx

In other words, I found the joke funny, but I don,t see the point of posting it, knowing it will piss off a few people and start some flame wars…

Hmm, now we aren’t allowed to express opinions? Will a thread that does that get locked? It isn’t a flamewar yet…


lol you get me wrong there…I didn’t say it was illegal to post opinion. I’m just asking, what,s the point of telling something that will make someone angry and finally get into a flamewars that will be totally useless.

I mean, if you got opinions, it’s all good. Life is made of opinion :P, but everybody know that by posting let say, MY personal opinion on USA it will got into a war for which country is the best and why usa suck and why france are gay or something like that. If I want to tell my opinion, I prefer to talk to a person which is in front of me. Talking to a person that like 10 000km from me about how I think usa is not good…is…well…useless. lol

It won,t change the opinion of anyone, so why post something that will piss people off?

I didn’t say to stop posting joke a few time around. I mean, you usually don’t post spam or anything so it’s good. It’s just that recently…some people got into spam frenzy and I can’t stand that. I’m just trying to tell people that this is a 3d forum. It’s the main community of blender and looks what we are doing here. we post more useless post than comment. In my opinion, there is a problem. Don’t you think?

classic bushyness: someone’s saying bad things about bush, shut them up however ya can.

Pooba: ROFLMAO!!! That ruled!

actually, im not in the mood for a flame war today…

this thread is worth locking.

Do I even have to go into that after that little schpeel about how great it would be to get into a flame war?


If You’re Happy And You Know It - Bomb Iraq
If you cannot find Osama,bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are frisky,
Pakistan is looking shifty,
North Korea is too risky,
Bomb Iraq.

i am actually a republican, i just dont like wars.
wait…that doesnt make sense…

but i am really a republican…