A Journey to Avaria

Hi folks!
I recently started working on a large scale project. The global idea is about that we discovered a new planet with life on and I’ll try to illustrate that though it won’t be easy and it certainly will push my limits but it will be a learning curve, that’s for sure. First of all before I start showing my renders yet I want to tell you that I never modeled organic things before and this is my first serious try…

I’m planning to model the space ship they use to travel towards the newly discovered planet both the inside as the outside. Also a recon vehicle they will use on the planet, also in and outside. Quite an amount of fictional organic stuff varying from insects to sea creatures, plants and stuff. So yeah it’ll take some time to complete or maybe it’ll keep growing over time, only time will tell I guess :eyebrowlift:… Now here are some renders of organic beings I worked on, I don’t have any good renders of the ship’s inside as I’m still tweaking the test lighting lol…

On a side note: I will be putting latin and english names of the creatures under each picture but the latin names might not be correct and is only done to give it more feeling to it :wink:

Anyway I hope you guys will enjoy my renders I made so far and don’t forget that c&c (comments & crits) are always welcome as well as new ideas for new creatures 'cause it’s really not so easy to think of new creatures lol… Enjoy!

Oh btw for now I won’t put explanation for each creature until I’m “finished” :wink:

Porro Oris Repo (Long Mouth Crawler)

Procella Psilotopsida (Storm Fern)

So will all this eventually be used in an animation?

Nice models! I like the names too. They sound…real.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do an animation mainly because the rendering would take days if not more but who knows lol but it will form a story, that’s for sure (more like a comic or so, you see)…

and thx, it’s a pleasure to hear you like it…


Ahh a picture book! That is a very good idea for an unanimated story! I’ll remember that…

Yeah something like that though not sure yet, first things first I guess

EDIT: Removed these images cause I will completely redo them :slight_smile:

So is the manta shark an underwater creature? Or a flying model?

the first models are looking great, but the lower ones of course need some more work^^
i agree with you, a full animation will take days to render, or it’ll look crappy because of low detail, i think… besides a comic-thingy you should also think about making it into a kind of animated textbook, think of the cutscenes in need for speed underground 2, but in a better quality (of course =D). that way you can also use sound effects, music and spoken language, would be more atmospheric than only a comic…
sorry if i maybe interferred with your imaginatio, if thats the case, just ignore my idea =)

@ jcode: The Manta Shark is an underwater creature just like the vlinoplaktus

@ EvilTwin: Yeah you’re right, the vlinoplaktus still needs some work (might redo it) and the interior still needs a lot of work, more panels should be added, stearing joysticks and stuff as well as chairs and beds and stuff…

I think I’ll do an animated textbook with some nice bg music and stuff ^^

Nvm this post, the picture has been removed 'cause I will completely redo it

the bug and fern look very good, and so does the manta shark but it looks too flat. I can’t imagine a living organism having that much of it’s body that flat, or maybe it just looks really flat from that angle. And on the Vlinoplaktus, it’s to dark to see any detail.

This is the first completed scene for my animated book. It’s kinda the first scene though I might add one scene before this, not sure about that yet :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about it and soon I will post my human characters that’ll participate in the story!


Not bad. I like the bug, the fern and the exterior of the space ship. The others could use some work.

-I agree that the Manta Shark looks too flat. There are some thin fish in the sea (namingly the “flat” fish), but even they have some thickness to them. It looks like some area’s are just infinately thin planes that have been extruded out.

-Also on the Manta shark, the tail fin looks too uniform and rounded. It looks like the tail of an airplane or a missile.

-The vlinoplaktus appears to be matte black. You should just make it a dark grey with some spec so you can see some lighting detail

Wow, I loved the spaceship, nice project man. That’s one that I’ll follow, continue…

Hope for more…

Are you sure that the title wasn’t A Journey to Avatar? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyhow, this project sure sounds ambitious, so I wish all the best for you to get it finished. Looking good so far.