A key and a keychain

Hello, heres a key and a keychain.
Made with YafRay and took me about 15 minutes to model and get the materials right (I’m a slow person) and another 7 minutes to render.:rolleyes:
Just in case you cant read the text on the key : The key to Blending
C&C welcome! :wink:

From what I can see, it looks pretty good. However, I can’t see too much. You should probably add some more lamps and perhaps a background. But it does look good. :smiley:

ditto on the lighting too.

Looks like you could make a hole in middle of the blenderlogo and use the hole to hang the key up on a small nail (or hook or whatever you uses to hang the key up with).

Just a idea

EDIT: oh isn’t there a blender3d wallpaper contest somewhere? this pics (with better lighting of course) would look good as a wallpaper (at least i think so) (if you do post this pic for the wallpaper contest, could you please post it at the resolution of 1280x1024 please so i could use it)

The only wallpaper contest I found here ended on April the first.
But i added some light and for you nerddragon made it 1280x1024

It is still VERY dark…

Come on! IT aint that dark. I see it very clearly. It isn’t ment to be very bright.

The edges of the round part of the key appear to be wrinkled. Was that done on purpose?

It’s quite dark on my monitor. But I have a dark monitor, are you using an LCD?