A Kid's Chair

Hi! So, two days ago, i went to a bridal shower with my mom. Well, i didn’t want to engage in activities among all the women, so i found myself a cozy playroom and began to work on Blender. I tried to model many things, but couldn’t finish anything. So, instead of pulling tricks out of a hat, i thought of modeling something right in front of me. I’d never done this before and it seemed like a fun new area to venture. So, i picked a chair in front of me, about two feet tall, and began to model it. Of course, i didn’t finish the modeling and shaders right then and there, but i improvised using my knowledge of that day. Changed some colors up due to lack of diversity. Anyway, i’d love to know your opinions on it.

This was done with 200 samples. Better quality images will be up shortly.

nice. I think the material looks too satin-like though.