A killer app' for blender?

Hi All!

I’m quite new down here and also as blender’s game engine user.
I’ve been learning GE for a project in my University (yes, I’ve been able to convince my teacher to use it instead of another crappy technology) and I’m currently working on it in collaboration with some designers form the “Copenhagen Design School”. This game will be quite small, due to time limitation, so the gameplay was designed to fit the timing.

But one thing surprised me, among all projects in development down here, is that it seems to me that most of them are really too ambitious. I was wondering if there were any " killer app’ '" based on the GE that could attract new designers, developers, gamers?..

Is there any possibility to create some “Main” project with any GE users involved, which could be realized quite fast, but with a lot of extra features to add step by step. ex : a “mario kart”, with extra possibilities of network playing (BZoo!), extra map, extra gaming modes, extra weapons… Designers could work on meshes, while developers could work on scripting, (jbperin with BZoo for instance :wink:

What do you think about it???


I think it has been tried many times before; as far as I know, the closest a community project has gotten to completion is the monkey game project (might even still be in progress, I dunno)

several teams have also made interesting games- though, the main reason blender doesn’t have a “killer app” is that it’s not a very complete engine, and is best suited to proof-of-concept tests and mock-ups, due to the sheer amount of workarounds one has to use to do any relatively complicated task.

I’m not saying it’s a ‘bad’ engine, just not as capable or ‘complete’ as many commercial engines, or crystalspace, or whatever.

hey remi I’m quite interested making a game with people but only a 3 or 4 people will be enough. if you are interested pm me. I speak french if you want

ca changerait de parler un eu francais! :wink:
But I will still speak in english for others!
I could be interested, but not now. I have too much work until the end of the semester (exams :wink: But we can discuss about it.

I think there is enough down here to create nice “simple” game.
I think a good game would be multi-players…using Bzoo for instance. I know that jbperin is french as well…

did any of you play hellstation ? <one of the good games in blender> :slight_smile:
edit :-
to be accurate i didn’t upload this screenshot ,screen shot by braveheart


le truc c’est que je bosse en freelance donc j’ai pas mal de taff mais bon ce que je propose c’est de faire une demo interesante parce que blender manque cruellement de vitrine. Je te laisse reflechir aux deux voies qui se sont ouvertes a moi pendant mon experimentation de blender. Fps tool box, c’est a dire une application qui permettrait de creer son fps et ensuite d’y jouer a la maniere de bzoo pr les jeux online ou soit un fps utilisant la plupart des feature de blender et quelques une supplementaire. en ce moment je bosse a faire des ragdolls et de l’animation procedurale et ca avance pas mal et aussi une IA simple et facile a integrer ( les algorythm dijistra ou astar prenne trop de puissance).

Je suis graphiste de formation et bosse ds l’architecture 3d dc ca peut aider

it was a bit off topic but now I thing the best application I’ve seen on blender was Jazz fps.

He never finished his game but it was quite impressive. I hope this help


I would’ve thought that Club Silo would attract developers to the game engine, but I have yet to see any sign that it has.

Both game very nice! Jazz FPS is reaaally impressive. Especially the loading in the beginning is almost null.

Je vais y reflechir. Mais je pensais plus a un jeu arcade, amusant, dans le genre grand public (d’ou l’exemple de mario kart)

Looking for some good games huh? Let’s see:

Into the Titan
Sumonzie Banzai
Zody the Slug
Zody the Slug 2

These are a few that I really like. Into the Titan is complete. It is a nice Myst-type game. The rest are not exactly complete, but they are a lot of fun!


Uh…that’s “Into the Titan…”

I’m not really interested in the GE in blender, but I am a BASIC programmer. This doesn’t mean I just do small stupid stuff, I actually use two great environments. I use izibasic with other free tools for the palm, and I use BlitzMax on the computer, which is also BASIC. But, both of these support GUI, and BlitzMax is as fast as or almost as fast as C besides supporting 3D. Now my point to all this is, if you want to make a great game, not in C, with blender rendered models/images, make it with BMX.

Thanks. I don’t know what on earth I was thinking when I typed that. :confused:

Nonetheless, it’s a great game.

Thanks! :smiley:

Yes, this is environment GE quality I was looking for!
10x for the link black reaper. I’ll try to do something like it, but with a thousand years before look.

Thanks Remi, I just wish I could have finished it before I lost interest in FPSs.

Also that game ended up as a TPS
Edit edit:
Thanks Black Reaper!