A Kitchen

Hey guys, here is a kitchen that I have been working on,
It’s my first Elysiun WIP.

Well, here you go…


Thanks for taken a look :slight_smile:

that’s outstanding, how about some appliances :wink:

Wood textures on the door and on the far right counters need some work.
Im guessing that grey stuff is carpet? Looks too shiny if it is. You need to turn the spec down. Everything else is really good though.

Imo the walls are to plain,

  • table and chair
  • walls (especially that blue one)
    btw nice work.

Friedbrain, thanks.
Which appliances? I’ve got all the ‘major’ ones in there, somewhare…

[og]GrYpHoN, sorry about the “carpet” it is accualy my Granite counter top.

f41t3r, the blue wall is a little far away, so I’ll get a closer shot.

Here is a shot of the Stove and Fridge


And here is a shot of the ‘carpet’ :wink:


yup, that looks really nice, oh and the curtains are all the same.

i was talking about small appliances like a Blender,Toaster etc…

OK thanks,
I’ll get around to the small stuff.

Here is a large shot of the whole thing, hm…to bright…


Everyhting looks very good, ecept for one thing. It’s all TOO SHINY! 8)

Not every surface will have that much reflectivity or high hard/spec values. Play with those settings on the surfaces to vary it up and this will be so much better looking.


Hi BgDM,
yeh, I know,
for me lighting is the hardest part.
If the rest looks real good, then mission accomplished.
But I will be tweaking :wink:

I coulden’t stand the brightness on that last, pic, and I wanted to give an over view of whole thing so here it is [>]


Great work on that, a few things though

The curtains look more like bathroom towels
The shadows are a little hard for the scene it’s in
The door in the back is sticking out of the wall

And apparently you didn’t put shadows on the oven light because it goes through the central counter.

The modeling and texture work is great.

Your modeling is really good. One thing about the layout of the kitchen. The sink, the stove and the refrigerator should all be close together. Those three items should basically form a triangle that creates work zone. IMO the sink as is it in your last pic is too far from the stove and fridge. You might consider putting in that massive island or moving the stove to the island and put the sink where the stove is located.

A couple more things. IMO there is too much wasted space in this kitchen. The island is too big and there is too much counter space. You might consider making the room smaller and more efficient.

Kansas_15, thanks,
that light comming from the oven, mmm, It’s the two sky lights.

Yeh, I’ll get right on it!
It’s a lot of extra work, Just for CG people…

I’ve always wondered what the big squares in the ceiling were :slight_smile:

Ok, been awhile, working on another project.
Here’s an update that I pieced together [>]