a Knight

hey all

my first post of a WIP in a long time.

just started it before, what do yous think? anything you see that doesnt look right? by the way i aint going for a photorealistic model or render…just something that looks nice


I like it a lot! :slight_smile:
I think the metal looks a bit wet, though that could just be me.
Well done though, I’m very impressed!

Very nice! the metal looks very real. Only critiques 1)the boots look a bit round, and 2) is that a skirt?

i liked those boots , looks a bit funny compared to the rest of the model, but you have a great piece of art in there, for what is it intended for?

It’s a KILT!:mad::smiley:

hey all :slight_smile:

a little update, gave him/ her some trouser type things instead of the skirt kilt :P…added some other things

greboide: i havent got anything lined up, probably just go with my folder for old blends when im finished :P. im working on a commercial project sssshhh! at the moment and this is just a little break from the harder work im doing.

C+C welcome


Ah, I like the pants better. A skirt ~kilt~ just didn’t look right on him. Have you considered adding a logo/emblem to his shield? The details on his armor that you added look great.

thanks :slight_smile: yea im liking the last update better, suits it more. ill try adding an emblem later tonigh, maybe ill just add some spikes coming out of it or a wooden texture.

Hi Daniel 8488,
I guess my first question is, what is the style, attitude, character, etc. of this knight?

I also wonder about the construction of the waist and foot areas. As it is now, I don’t think he could bend his waist or feet easily.

it looks reaally nice… but why is he so straight??? it seams like he eat a fork :stuck_out_tongue:

I would agree with Clean3D! how is this guy supposed to move his legs? try adding a rounded peice over his knees to look like a joint and I really think that his shoes are WAY to round!

Other then that this guy is great! :smiley:

the part that is covering the knee is cloth, i suppose ill model a small plate and joint to go there. i dunno what style it is, i just saw a picture and started modelling lol…his boots are very round, doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the model, ill add some new ones. ill add some joints and maybe chain mail around some areas…expect an update in an hour :slight_smile:

hey ur excellent… u wanna work on me and lccoks animation… most of the model made by me are for it… well if u have any way i can get in conctact with u… id love to speak to and give ur mor einfo… top notch work.