Just curious if anyone here has been to or heard of A-Kon. It’s an anime convention in Dallas, Texas.


A-kon… the singer?

yes, A-Kon the singer/anime convention - please excuse the sarcasm… :slight_smile:

Awww… I thought this thread would be about Akon, the rapper :frowning: Stupid dash…

This isn’t working nearly as well as I’d hoped… :slight_smile:
The reason I’m asking, is because, every year Lightwave sends a group of people to do demonstrations and show all of the artists there what a great program it is. Well, after working with Blender, and knowing most of those individuals have next to no budget, I thought it would be a great place to show off the power of Blender and spread the word a little. My problem, is that I suck, and no one is going to be impressed that you can create crappy models for free. So, I thought I might be able to find someone that a) already goes to A-Kon, or b) would be interested in going to prove how powerful Blender can be. Anyway, I have a feeling I’m on my own here, but I thought I would try.


Not much of a artist myself though it is right across town from me and I do enjoy anime, lurk here and blend a bit.
Is that the one in may of 09 and also out of curiosity does anybody know of anime related projects being made with blender.

Yes, it’s in May of '09. I’ve been going to it for about 19 years now. I don’t know if any official projects, but I’m always seeing people put together low budget stuff at this kon, I would think Blender would help lower the budget even more.

Sounds interesting. (both Akon - singer and Akon anime show)

Yeah, the convention is pretty cool, there were over 10,000 people last year.