A lamp (how I spent Christmas hiding from family ;) )

(allison) #1

Okay, :wink: not hiding from family, considering no family was around because we do Hanukah, and that was way early this year :smiley: …but onto the picture I made while all my friends were having good family times…

Well, this is a picture of a lamp on a desk, loosely based on a lamp at my mom’s house. This is still in it’s baby form, there is so much to fix and add. (like i think the grain on the table is too large, and i need to add drawers, and just not quite right, and the body of the lamp still looks funny, and the pencil holder is too shiny to fit in with the rest of the stuff.)

Anyway, all criticism welcomed. I give you permission to tear it apart!


(steve343) #2

not bad not bad

few things

  1. lighting ur pic would be a bit better if the lighting were improved some of the shadows just aint right.

  2. background even just a wallpapered wall would add so much to your picture here a floor tiled would also be nice

i love the texture on the inside of the lamp great :Z

(Enos Shenk) #3

My friend just pointed out that the table looks like its carved out of a giant block of wood since the rings match so well.

Try seperating parts of the table so they texture independently.

Also, add another texture channel for “small stretched rings” and one using noise stretched out for a grain.

(bmax) #4

renderitinlightflow :Z

(S68) #5

Medel is good, and objects on table too.

Table texture is fairly bad, you must tweak it more, consider that tables are made of wood boards and boards are cut vertically from a tree… so you’ll almost never get rings in the wood texture but lines or veeeeery stretched ovals…