A Lamp WIP, first object, first post.

Hi folks,
my name is Stefan, I’m a total newbie at 3d graphics. I’ve played around in some programs a few times, but this is the first serious attempt at modeling … a lamp! :slight_smile:

Please be nice … it’s not quite done yet. %|


/Mvh Stefan

pretty cool there dude.

just gotta fix the materials for the lamp, and add two springs (after I’ve figured out how to make them) :slight_smile:

Edit: Btw, I’ve tried to recreate the IKEA-lamp I have on my desk.

lol nice.

Nice for a first work :slight_smile:

very good - helpful hints!

  1. don’t abuse ao - turn the distance value down to say 3 or 5

  2. your lamp shade has normals problems - select the lamp shade and go into edit mode and select all vertices and then press cntrl n - this should fix it

  3. the color on the ball is wrong (in my opinion) keeping with the pastels of the wall you should make it softer

other than that you have a very good first! :wink:

that’s a quite good first try !

a “bravo” for u stephan and keep on medeling !

its stefan dude.i think it is really good.

Not bad at all! I love how soft the walls look. :slight_smile: It might look better (in my opinion) if you tried making the ball look like glass…just a thought.

Welcome to elysiun and great first work.