A laptop, a laptop. My Kingdom for a laptop.

With that said, I must admit that I live in America and don’t really have a kingdom.

If anyone has any laptops (working or not) that are cluttering up your place, and you want to get rid of them, I can take them off of your hands (no questions asked).

(Just warn me if it is hot so I know to paint it:p.)

I just want a craptop to use blender on while I’m not at home and I’m too poor to buy one.(College costs too much, even with a grant.)

I know that this is a stupid post that will offend someone and probably not get answered, but I have to try something.

If anyone would like to help me out, you can post or pm me and we can work something out, but I do not feel comfortable posting my address publicly.

I will tell you that I live in America, in case you hate to deal with us annoying Americans.:stuck_out_tongue:

What would be great is this:

                           1 gigahertz (I could use less If that is not feasible)
                            256-512 ram (I could upgrade it myself if it is less than that)
                            CD-Drive and a usb port
                            Harddrive can be any size

I just thought I would ask nicely and hope for the best.
It never hurts to ask.

Hi mate.
I am sure you can find something useful on eBay for 250$ or so…
I have a crappy Laptop but it is VEEEEEEEEEEEry old, LCD is dead and i live in France so i dont thnk that is an option !

Good luck though !

Why does it have to be a laptop if its for home use only?

If you’re on a budget just go with a desktop rather than asking someone else to give you a more valuable laptop when its not actually necessary.

I’ve bought CRT monitors from goodwill for $5 and been given tons of old 1 Ghz PCs. It isn’t that hard to track them down without internet charity.

You could pick up a new one for 400 from Best Buy, or you could pick up a cheap desktop for about 350 depending on the setup - I had gotten an eMachine for 350 that I use for Blender renders overnight. Used would be less. Usually, there are computer guys that sell refurbished equipment for next to nothing - usually old, and limited to internet only mostly.

In my town we have a clean up weekend, on this weekend everyone puts junk on the curb that the garbage men won’t take, and the national guards will pick it up. So this last year I saw 4 CRT monitors, and 2 computers. All the CRTs worked, and the computers worked fine. The computers were like 8 years old though, so they weren’t very useful. (Were great fun to experiment with because I didn’t have to worry about wrecking them.(I wrecked em anyways.:P))

I don’t think anything I just said will help you in any way, but if you wanted you could put up some posters on bulletin boards around your town and see if you have any luck.

I’ve had people come to me and have me pick out used laptops from ebay a few times before, and you can get a pretty good general purpose laptop for around $200, easily. The last one I put found was a very thin 12" Compaq, which is a great Wifi / email machine. Pentium 3, 1.2 ghz, I think. 256 MB RAM. I put Kubuntu on it.

If you decide you want a cheap one from ebay, here’s my secret tip: bid on laptops with no operating system. This scares off most other bidders, who are either noobs, cheapskates, or lazy.

However, it’s ideal that the bidder has removed the OS or formatted the hard drive just before putting the laptop up for sale. Two good reasons the seller may have done this is either he wants to guarantee that all his personal information and data is removed from the system, or because he thinks that Microsoft’s EULA doesn’t allow the Windows liscence to transfer with the sale of the hardware. Both are valid!

However, if you see a laptop that doesn’t have an OS because it just stopped booting up one day, that’s a red flag.

If that’s not useful to you, I hope it’s useful to someone else. :slight_smile:

Buy out a manufacturing company and make your own :evilgrin:.

$27 for a computer with no OS

EDIT: too late, bidding ended.

I have a craptop - but I am on it right now so you can’t have it.

Good luck though.

EDIT: I know nobody cares, but this is my Five-Hundred and Fifty Fifth post! 555!
(Can’t wait for 666…)

I only have less than $100 to buy a laptop with. (way less)
I know that is not going to get me a laptop of any worth, but I was hoping to get lucky bidding.
I do have paypal, but it doesnt have any money in it.
I also don’t have, nor can I get a credit card.

I’ll leave my e-mail and hope I don’t get too much junk mail.
Who knows? Maybe the paypal fairy, the fairy of Ebay, and the fairy of anonymous tips to complete online strangers will send me some help.:smiley:
(Okay I know that is about as likely as O.J. being innoccent, Michal Jackson being a human, or Britney Spears becoming celibate, but it don’t hurt to ask.):yes:


Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…