A Laptop Model, need feedback :)

Hi guys, I’m a new guy in this forum as well as in using blender :D. I’ve been working on this model of my laptop, so I would like your comment, feedback, tips, or anything at all :slight_smile: just to improve it.
This image rendered straight out of blender without adding any compositing work (which actually because I have no knowledge of,:no:)
as for the lighting I used the “pro lighting:skies” from blenderguru just for simplicity, click and done,everything set up for me.
and this is the laptop I based my model on.

Is there anything else I should do to make it better ?


It’s a very nice model! It took me awhile to find anything worth changing.

The print on the keys is all in italic, though that might be too tedious a thing to fix. The key letters ‘pop’ more noticeably in your photo, so it looks like the keyboard should be darker. The brushed metal texture should be scaled smaller, more stretched, and probably should not affect surface normal. There should be a noticeable contrast between the amount of light reflected back by the keyboard vs. the surface surrounding it, as in your photo.

Again, impressive work. :]