A (less known) blender trick!!

Hello guys, I just discovered a small trick and I don’t know how I could ‘live’ without it before! And I"m not sure how many know it, but I decided to share it.

It’s about Look cutting.

When you press Ctrl+R you can set the number of parallel, equally distributed cuts by using the scroll button of the mouse! :smiley:

It spared me so much time today!:cool:

Ive asked the question and heard it a million times ( there are three theads about this in the latest 4 pages). How come no-one else has ever published this jem - you are a hero!!!

You could do with a beter title cos I thought “Oh dear - nubie knows ctrl-r” so I clicked to point out that this was reasonably commonly known then…“whammmm!!!” the scroll-mouse thing that changed everything

denshidan, oh yeah! it made my day too, you can’t imagine how much time it spared me!:smiley:

And if I may contribute :smiley:
middle mouse button slices at 50% (exactly middle)!


Marve - depends on your mouse set-up - doesnt work for me on this machine - just goes into scroll lock

AHH! That’s a thing of beauty! thanks for taking the time to post, sumbodhi! That’s going in my bag-of-used-all-the-time tools.

Now do you bozos see why you should read the Release Notes when a new Blender version comes out?

My God! It’s full of FEATURES!


Look under edge tools, it gives a lot of detail IMO.

Now… Stiv. You don’t need to use such a language.

I just decided to share what I have found, if you know it, keep out of the conversation. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, just stay out!

There are beginners to whom that may help, and I’m sure about it.

Now tell me, do you think every blender enthusiast (escpecially in the beginning) reads all the official manuals and release notes? I bet no, because blender can be so fascinating that you just try to do things on your own and experiment, instead of reading tons of manuals/etc before…

I’m glad at least two people were happy to learn about that feature.

So, spare your sarcasm for yourself and instead of nagging around, try to do something useful…

Happy blending!:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! I didn’t know about that.

And sumbohdi, I actually had to scan through his post to see where the bad language was. Do you mean “bozos”?

Actually, I dont want to make this personal but ‘live by the sword’ stiv… Ive just looked through your posts and the overwelming theme is sarcasm.

> [I]My advice, hoxolotl, is take a chill pill and go read Eric Raymond's paper [/I] > > [I]Once again, brave Uncle Stiv dons the Cloak of Infinite Patience and reminds everyone that if you are getting error messages > > [I]Would it be unkind of me to point out we still do not know which tutorial you are talking about? > > [I]BZZZT. Good guess, but wrong. Thanks for playing though.


I can only assume you dont mean to come accross so sarcastic (benefit of the doubt) but written/typed comunication doesnt allow for the tone of voice that distinguishes a ‘teasing comment’ from a nasty put-down

But Bozzo means idiot and no-one likes to be called that :)[/I][/I][/I]

Why yes, calling the others bozos is not quite friendly. And the ‘’ My God! It’s full of FEATURES! ‘’… Isn’t that sarcasm? :slight_smile:

Of course ‘bozo’ could sound friendly sometimes, but only to close friends and said in the right time/etc…and then the way he says it is definitely not meant so. Whatever… I guess we better discuss more interesting topics than that.

I’ve discovered it by accident too just last week in I thought: Cool!
For those ‘RTFM’ guys: I’ve been Blendering for a long time, I read all the release logs, and it is just human nature not to remember everything. Heck, I still don’t know how to use this and what this means!: http://www.blender.org/cms/Particle_duplicators.443.0.html

And since I haven’t seen anyone use this very cool feature, I’m not alone in this.

Hoi Toontje,
(juding from your user name, you are prolly Dutch, are you?)

I just saw that Particle Dublicator page you talked about. I didn’t know about that either. Indeed one never stops learning!

Because you said you still don’t know how it works, I’d like to tell you about it, since I tried it and it works and I understood how it works.

Basically you can dublicate an object using DubliVerts but instead using the verts of some object you can use the verts of its particles. So if you set static particles to an object, every ‘stage’ of the particles life is a vert.

And you can parent anything to the ‘base’ object and have it dublicated over its particles. If the child object has an animation, its ‘frames’ will distributed over the particles life’s stages.

Erm… I don’t know whether I’ve explained all that well, but you can look at the example file I’ve made:

Happy blending!

Well, actually I have to say that it is a nice idea to tell people about tricks you’ve discovered but if everyone would do that…well, we’d need a new forum for this.
I for one knew about the Edge cutting stuff and use it very often.

But on the other hand, it might be a good idea to open a thread for neat tricks and stuff, because many things are so often overlooked (eg. I didn’t know that there was an edge slide function for a long time - now I’m using it quite often, too). The Manual is really cool and I enjoy reading through it, as well as through the release logs but obviously many people don’t.

This is idd old news.
I saw it in a Greybeard tut once, but didn’t see much use in it somehow. Maybe on occasions.
There was an old thread somewhere with a lot of small handy features which everybody tends to forget but were implemented because somebody screamed for it.
Nevertheless these features deserve credit.