A letter of annoyance to all the humble bragging newcomers

Hey all,

I don’t know who this message will find, but here goes.

Every day I see some new featured post, and I think hmm, wow, this looks nice, let me click on it to get more context, to see the art work in a bigger size, and to maybe learn more about the process behind the piece.

Almost EVERY single time I see the description that goes something along the lines of (this will be exaggerated, to illustrate my point):

"Hey, this is my first piece ever in 3D, I’ve never used blender before, or even touched a computer in my life, oh and this intricate, detailed piece, that is very professional and high quality was done in about 2 hours, you know, just had a bit of extra time, thought i’d give it a go…

CC is welcome’’

It annoys me beyond any comprehendable levels. I really wish people didn’t do that. I know they are proud and happy and all, but I really don’t care how long you’ve been doing it for!

Do you really want criticism, and tips on how to improve? Then the fact that this is your first render doen’t matter at ALL. Skip this part of your description. You’ll get better reviews and criticisms.

Thats all from me.

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You might consider that maybe they don’t express themselves best through their (english) writing, and that they might also write like that because they are afraid of brutal criticisms if they don’t mention they’re beginners.

Never posted artwork here, but in other lives I’ve totally lied to people about something taking a day when it really took weeks 'cause I was embarrassed about how long it took me.

Either way, there are many things in this world I find annoying but I accept that there are different personalities who won’t always do what I want. And as long as they aren’t harming anyone or in this case, making discussions unbearable, I say “enjoy the art.”

But I’ll agree that it blows when we’re frustrated.

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Nowadays, it is far easier to brag about how great your first work looks because that is how much the technology have improved.

Think about it, now we have Cycles (with OIDN), Filmic transform, Eevee for easy preview, and the 2.8 usability enhancements. In the wider ecosystem meanwhile you have a litany of high quality texture and HDR websites, quixel megascans and photogrammetry, and so on. High quality content is just far easier to do, especially at the rendering part where complex light rigs with many controls (largely) became a thing of the past.

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I could almost see your point if it was the case the someone was lying about it being their first render (or more accurately first project) to garner additional praise or comments, but if someone’s genuinely sharing the results of their first Blender project then they are just being honest.

You posted this just prior to submitting your first entry to a weekly challenge. What’s the difference?

“Guys, I want to say, I’ve never entered weekend challenge before, because Im not that good yet. But you have to start somewhere right? And I want my first entry to be on this challenge, because I really love music, and I also play guitar, so its perfect!”

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It’s not easy to publish an artwork, it makes everyone insecure.
It’s called putting your hands forward, just in case you fall to the ground.


Thank you all for your perspectives on this thing. I appreciate it.

It was just something that annoyed me after seeing it many times. Felt the need to express it somewhere.

Feel much better now.

It is what it is, at the end of the day, I guess its just great that 3d world is evolving, and spreading, and that its becoming more widely recognized as a pursuit.


I posted this a while back.

I see what your getting at. Perhaps I was manipulated by posts such as the ones I complained about, because I didn’t know another way to properly infiltrate the forum. Which also annoys me hehe.

To be fair, I didn’t ask for criticism or praise. And I didn’t brag about how little time it took me. And I didn’t say I never did 3D before entering the competition, and to be honest, the entry really wasn’t very good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see now. This makes much sense. Simple answer, straight to the point.

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I think it’s more useful to ask “If this is this person’s first project in Blender, what is it that makes it so good?”. Often it’s not that they have somehow learned everything about Blender in a short time or have mastered all the technical stuff. It might be something simple or a couple of simple things they managed to nail that don’t require in depth knowledge of the software, It could be the subject matter, the colour palette, the composition or many of these things combined. They might already have experience in these things from a field outside of Blender such as painting or photography or whatever.


Yes. Skill takes time. Great work takes time. You can say things, but your work cannot lie.

Yes I see a lot of people lie about their experience and the amount of time that went into a piece. If it helps, I can tell you it’s not just on here and it’s not just Blender. It’s amazing what hafl-an-hour in Houdini “just to try it out” can produce.

Does it matter? I mean not in the grand scheme of things. Nobody wants to have their hard work torn apart - it’s absolutely soul destroying. I see this as their way of protecting themselves from negative criticism and encouraging praise.

What they are really saying is “Give me feedback, but give it like you would to an absolute beginner.” They may not be as inexperienced as they are making out but they also don’t feel ready for the rough-and-tumble of a full fledged critque.

It may not be their first render, but it might be the first render they are truly proud of. Yes, we all need critiquing to progress but we also need praise and encouragement. Maybe we dont’ give enough of the latter by default?