A level results

Anyone else here got A level or equivelent results coming out soon. I’ve got mine coming out tommorow and am really nervous, I need AAA to get into my first uni choice and AAB for my second. Now i’m thinking maybe I’ve ballsed up my physics which will really screw up my plans.
Anyway anyone else nervous.

I know that AAA is either anti-aircraft artillery or a the designation given to the small cylindrical batteries.

Are you talking about… infinity?

Well, so obviously by AAB he means Anti-Aircraft Batteries.

LOL, no AAB is Ameteur Alliance for Blender :slight_smile:

For those non UK residents. ‘A’ levels are a grade of school exam and are generally used to gain entrance to university. In this case Wookie1 is looking for 3 grade A’s.
Of course ‘A’ levels were much harder when I did them at school.


Tough grades!

It really doesn’t matter as much as you think… If you make the grade then well done! if not there are plenty of good options available so don’t sweat it!

It was 20 years ago for me…
for one reason or another I didn’t apply to universities… not until i got my grades… " “clearing” was a wonderful gamble…I didn’t have a clue what to do… I went in with my grades and discussed what could happem… that paid off!.. I “fell” into architecture as a course… then I “fell” into the “Bartlett” for postgrad studies (it’s a pretty prestigious architecture college that’s part of UCL)…since then i mostly “fall” into oppportunities…the less I chase my career the more it starts chasing me…

Richard Marklew: Pah I dispute that until I get to your age, and then of couse these young uns have got it easy, call me hypocrite if you will. :slight_smile:
Michael W: Yeh aeronautical engineering, so tough course.
Must be nice to live your live that way but I think I’d get to stressed out, I like to have goals and know where I’m going or at least aiming at. I decided ages back my number one priority in life is to get to the end of it and be able to look back and think I havn’t wasted my time here.

Same here.
And I think that’s a good approach.
If you go after what you think you want … well, most people don’t really know what they want.
But other people will see that you are good with this or that, sometimes presenting new areas or subjects you have never heard about. And one of those things might be “the thing” for you, but since you didn’t know they existed, you would never chase them.

I did my ‘A’ levels in 1985. A most excellent year. Also did proper ‘O’ levels as well.


I had the dubious honour of being in the last year of students to sit “proper” o -levels…

There was a conspiracy theory that year that we all got marked “super harshly” so that the first year of GCSE’s would look like a massive success… instead it looked like they’d “dumbed down”…politics and teaching… curious bedfellows!

I think politics and most things are curious bedfellows, why we can’t just have a small group of people who serve the public interest I’ll never know, oh wait isn’t that what we’re supposed to have allready.
Funnily enough I think politics has less to do with the difficulty of exams than exam boards. They all try to undercut each other in order to get more students taking that course.

did mine 10 years ago. oddly enough, they were dumbed down then too. don’t listen to the idiots in opposition government and the media - you’re an easy target.

Unless, like me, you decided to do A level media studies, and somehow managed to end up working in 3d on the strength of your qualifications, rather than a reel. WTF? I can’t argue with it, it’s paying my bills…