A light bulb!

Hello all. First off I would like to actually introduce myself - although I have already been posting here and there. I’m James. I was first introduced to blender at least 7 years ago. At the time I couldn’t figure out the first thing about it. Lately I have started giving it focused attention though. I have had some time on my hands, and I have been doing tutorials, and I have really came to appreciate the program.

Enough of the preface, here is my latest work:
Sort of an antique styled lightbulb.

This was the first time I really experimented with nodes with a goal in mind. I am happy with the glowing filament, I think it looks pretty cool. Not entirely happy with the brass metal material. I probably should have downloaded a brushed metal texture and spent more time on that material. Also the screw threading was a bit of a big deal for me, I do like the geometry there.

If anyone has some constructive criticism I would love to hear it so I can apply it to my next project. Or just feedback of any type is appreciated (: