a light in the microwave oven

Hi i’ve got my microwave oven in a scene in the game engine and i need to put a light inside the microwave , for example a lamp light, what do i have to do for a lamp light to work inside the oven?? i need it to illuminate the inside and also the object that’s in the oven, i hit the Set Light button in F but nothing happens (the object doesn’t have a texture, nor does the oven, they just have a material, do i need to use a UV texture for this to work??

Did you select the faces in face mode (A) before Set Light?
There must be faces in the inside wall of the microwave, and the normals of the inside must be facing in, in this case.
You have to be in textured or shaded mode, to see lights. (Ctrl or Alt+Z)
You don’t need a texture for it to work. In vertex paint mode, (v) you can paint colors chosen at the right in the Editing menu.
For textures to work in the game engine, they must be UV textures.
Also the texture can’t be black. :slight_smile:

Why not just animate the front glass?