"A Light Meal" Illustration

Hello all, This is my first post in “Finished Projects”. I started this project as my first attempt dealing with photographic textures (the carrot, see texture). I also played a bit with false subsurface scattering using nodes. Let me know what you all think.

The carrot texture is posted as public domain, and you are free to use as you please.

Please note that the cafe image, “A Light Meal”, is © 2006, Shawn Kearney.


I am starting to wonder if anything I do is worthy of comment. anyway … sticky

Hey, don’t get all sad and disapointed. That attitude will get you nowhere. Keep it positive! Even if there aren’t any comments on your work. Sometimes you don’t get much reaction from the others because your project is just fine, it doesn’t give out a message, it doesn’t evoke feelings…
Hope you’ll understand this right… So, you wanted to try using photographic textures and play with fake SSS… OK, but that’s all you’re displaying here, and there’s not a whole lot to say about it… Maybe you should’ve played some more…
Anyway here are some crits:
-the render is pretty grainy
-the blur at the red box in the upper part of the image is bad
-the whole image is very bright and there’s too much white, maybe you should’ve put a floor or something…
-the carrot is too bright, and the effect of the photographic texture is completely lost.

Could you post some links to that original “A Light Meal” image so we can see what was your inspiration…

Thank you for the free carrot texture,

And remember to keep it positive!


how did you make the carrot texture ? Did you take pictures from different views with a digicam and gimp them together ?

hey ion_nine, keep things said by Zazu in mind :slight_smile:

The render is a bit grainy, did you try DOF ?
btw, I like that white setup I think it looks like a studio work.
and …you need to work a bit on the details, try and put in some details atleast on the visible parts.

keep at working on it, waiting for updates

Thank you all for your encouragement.

After i rendered, i do agree now that the carrot is too bright, though i wasn’t sure when i posted. It’s an easy fix the way I had set up the pseudo sss.

I think i will keep the white background, this is a stylistic choice which is present in most of my work.

How the heck can I make the AO less grainy???

I’ll need to trouble shoot the DOF. But first, i need to troubleshoot why every time I install B/RAD most of my plugins vanish.

thanks again :smiley:

hi ion,
to make the the AO less grainy, increase the number of samples in the AO buttons (increases render time too