a lil help to a fresh one

hi just downloaded my first version of blender, so im like really really new. um, i was just wondering if anyone can direct me to a link or tutorial that can help me get familiar with this wonderful program. i need someone to get me on my feet to teach me the basics. so that i can fully experience the wonderful power of blender. like, what do all these buttons do and how do i start modeling?

Thank you all.


at the top of this forum is a long list of tutorials. what you need to do, is decide on something to start with, and cover that until you feel you have a basic understanding. for instance your first priority should be the interface basics, and hotkeys. then some modelling basics, then materials, etc. so dive on in, you have a long journey ahead. also, clicking on the signature of ‘Fligh %’ is a good place to get started. welcome and good luck.

Download the "Basic Training file:


hey dudes, Fligh % and Modron, thank you soo much for your help. im on my way and learning the ropes.
thanx for the help.


im trying to keep up with some of the tutorials but the interface on my mac is different from any of them. is there anyone out there who can help me? i cant seem to unerstand the program. and whats up with that curser that follows me where ever i click!

Desperate to get started


It’s nothing to do with Mac, it’s the old interface and the tuts just havn’t been updated. Basic Training has been updated to 2.33 and it should teach you enough to understand the interface, modelling, materials, textures and Python.