A line message appears

Hello, when I add jewelcraft, and when I want to activate the addition, i get a message that I don’t understand what’s needed to get rid of this problem.

have you tried reading the installation guide?


No, I’ve never seen any evidence I’ve been able to install, but after the device was chopped up and Belander installed, I couldn’t re-install it.

I think you should find the installation guide and read it.


If it tells you to read the Installation Guide… then…

From the README (it’s even called that way):

# How to install
  1. Download JewelCraft 2.13.1. (1)
  2. Make sure you have Blender 3 or newer.
  3. Open PreferencesAdd-ons category.
  4. Use Install to install add-on from downloaded zip archive. (2)

1: Note for mac users: Safari browser will automatically unpack downloaded zip archive, to prevent that go SafariPreferencesGeneral and uncheck Open "safe" files after downloading option.

2: If error occurs on add-on activation, it means you are trying to install add-on repository instead of release. Make sure you download add-on release using link provided in step one of this guide.


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