A Link to blender

Some details about this project: Modeled and textured in blender 2.79, particle textures for grass added in blender 2.8 and rendered in eevee then in cycles, Grass is all new in this new render:


Not a very talkative post :smile:

If you want to have a better merge of your render with the HDRI background, you could :

  • Use Depth of Field on the camera, maybe with an empty focus object somewhere next to the sword.
  • Use the depth pass of the compositor, to smoothly create some alpha as soon as the depth is growing, making the render slighly merging into the background


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Thank You Bartv for Your like, it is very motivating, Thank You tricotou for Your suggestions, I will update the image soon with some corrections.

Sorry for the lack of information I will post some more images, as You noticed I am trying to learn composition, this job or hobby is very demanding and we have to learn a lot of things to get an amazing image, I started modeling almost two years ago, then I realized that was just the tip of the iceberg, then texturing, then lighting, I really admire people who can get everything right.