a lion head

(kurppa) #1

check out my lion head… improvement suggestions & other critique welcome.


lol… just realized I forgot ears… :wink:

(Gomba_3333) #2

A bit dark, and not very lion-ish, but very good in other respects :D.

(kurppa) #3

:frowning: what do you mean “not very lion-ish”…? if u think so then tell me how to make it more “lion-ish”!! :wink:

(Ecks) #4

wow that is so cool!!! I really like it! is it a female?

(kaktuswasse) #5

the fur is great!! Like the whole thing very much.

cya henrik

P.S.: he needs eye-balls :wink:

(paradox) #6

Very very cool. That fiber script is great.


(Jolly Gnome) #7

Wow! It looks great! Especially the eyes are very good. It is a bit dark though

(Darkelfv) #8

well first of its great, i dont think its too dark though. however I would like to see ears and maybe a main (hair) that would be cool. other wize that is one of the better hair scripts i have seen. way cool

(S68) #9

Really good… can’t wait to see the rest :slight_smile:


(rwv01) #10

Wow! That must have taken you some time!
Can you post a tute?

(d52477001) #11

that is very realistic!! have
you done any more work on it? texturing looks amazing. Well done…

(blengine) #12

that looks really cool! the fur is fantastic nice job