A little bathroom scene

I’ve been working on this for a while, and I’m finally pleased with it, but that might be because I’m an amateur. Let me know what you think of my first finished piece.


Looks great, but oh the missed opportunity…where’s the guy looking at the end of the roll in horror, sitting there on the toidy reflected in the chrome?:wink:

Glad to see this go from the testing forums to here. Great job at building a simple scene for the reflections. My only critique is that there’s no variety in the color of lighting…blue, orange etc…it might help a little. Nice DoF though!


Don’t think I didn’t think about that, but I haven’t done any human modeling yet, and I have this thing about everything in my image being created by me. So, once I’ve got a good human model, I might revisit this… :slight_smile:
Would have been good for the BWC:p

I felt the same way about the lighting, played with all sorts of colors, but in the end I liked the clean color corrected version. (I probably wasn’t doing the colors correctly).

pure horror…
(the situation of course, not the picture itself)

I think that the bump on the cardboard is a little exaggerated, otherwise nice modeling and texturing.

archipeep, thanks. I debated with myself about that on occasion, but always wound up fixing something else so I never did any tests on that. I might play with that and repost.


Oopsie, no more tissue. hehe! :slight_smile:

I think you should call the scene “Mayday!!!” Cos it IS kinda scary. :slight_smile:
Love the idea of Eku about the reflection…that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Nice work.
Take care

oh the horror to think that nearly happened to me this morning. good thing I had the presence of mind to check before I sat.

Nice image, but I have to ask why is the dof so abrupt. If you follow along the paper roll it goes from detailed texture to blured pretty abruptly. I think the choice to leave the lights as is was wise. The would be no motivation to add coloured light as the scene is lit by flourescent lights. With lighting I find the best approach is to only do something if it is motivated.

CG-Predator - Good title, I like that. :slight_smile:

tyrant monkey - The technique I used to create the DoF allows you to adjust how abruptly it changes, but I didn’t kow that at the time as it was my first go at DoF. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until after I had posted.

i think the cardboard is too shiny, and yes, a reflection is a good idea, like the image “I need money”

ok, this is it, last update… :slight_smile:
I’ve fixed the DoF and removed all specular from the roll (I still think it looks a little shiny)


Try lessening the bump/normal depth. Make it look more flat that should get rid of the shininess.
Are the reflections image based or did you model the scene?

You have very weird reflection/shininess illusion on the roll. At first glance it looks like the cardboard is somewhat reflective, then when I focus on the model’s deformation, my brains get the “big picture” and the shininess disappears. I wonder if PapaSmurf had the same experience?

Anyway, I like the render, good work.

musk - the normal value is set to .3, so I’ll see what happens when I take that down a notch or two. Everything in the reflection is modeled. The cool thing about a warped reflection is that the models in the reflection don’t have to be perfect… :slight_smile:

hhroffren - that could be, now that I look at it, the hi lite on the warped part could be thought of as a reflection of the wall. And, thanks - this was suppose to be something fun for testing, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done :slight_smile:

I thought I would throw out a quick update. Played with the normals, it’s toned down, I like this a lot better.

And here’s me playing with yafray - not sure if I like this or not.


The bumping now looks a way better IMO.

Where is the floor tile in Yafray render :spin:
And looks like the bump in Yafray are reverted in some way.

How did you make the paper? using “stencil” maps/textures?

Definitively it’s a good scene :smiley:

Best regards

Yeah, I like the bump map a lot better now.
I don’t know what happened to the floor in the yafray render, it’s just a plane with a simple image mapped to it. Yafray just didn’t like it I guess.
The Yafray render looks too harsh to me, but I haven’t really taken any time to work on it, it’s the first time I’ve ever tried to render using Yafray.

The little bit of paper on the roll is just a normal map, it’s part of the same map that makes up the slight cardboard texture. Nothin’ fancy, that’s for sure.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: