a little bridge


just wanted to show another one of my wip’s


looks pretty cool, but needs structural refining. looks like a close picture of a toy. like linkinlogs or somehting. good start, start cutting, extruding, and scaling that sucker :slight_smile:

it looks like plastic which is not bad, well unless you didnt want it to :stuck_out_tongue: . I think it would be cool to make a whole scene in that kinda style and make it all colorful. will look a lot better once you get some texturing in

your guys are fast :smiley:

I am planning on making a little town, but we will see how far I come… I am not very good at finishing my works :-?

Looks like a military design for an inflatable bridge or smt, but only simplistic.
Could be a great idea though.

a little update… the grass is only a quick test :slight_smile:

I got a little bored in a biology class :smiley:


that looks cool. very simple modeling can be very effective in scenes like this.