A little confused. (to say the least)

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OK, am I wasting my time trying to use python in Blender 2.23, If i want to use Python, should i downlowd blender 2.21 and script in that version, then edit in 2.23, or what? Is python no good with 2.23 and better with 2.21? And also if i pull down the window in blender to get to the settings, there is a rectangular button there that says Python: Do I type in
C:PYTHON22/LIB, is that right? Does anyone know of an up to date tut on the basics of using python with blender? Man I am getting a headache!!!

NDNChief, “Frustrated NOOB” UGH!!!

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Python in blender 2.23 has more features (such as access to the vertex and uv coordinates.) I can’t think of any reason you’d want to download an earlier version of blender to use python. :-? The box at the top is where you type the path to you python LIB dirrectory. So that looks correct, assuming that’s where you installed python.

The old blender site had links to python tutorials, but I’m not sure where to find them now. You can find python tutorials at http://www.python.org but you’ll have to search for blender-specific stuff.

Ther’s also the python API and the Gblender docs in PDF format floating arround somewhere, these detail the special python functions used in blender.

I hope this helps, good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the Reply. appreciate it . :smiley: