A little confused. (to say the least)

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OK, am I wasting my time trying to use python in Blender 2.23, If i want to use Python, should i downlowd blender 2.21 and script in that version, then edit in 2.23, or what? Is python no good with 2.23 and better with 2.21? And also if i pull down the window in blender to get to the settings, there is a rectangular button there that says Python: Do I type in
C:PYTHON22/LIB, is that right? Does anyone know of an up to date tut on the basics of using python with blender? Man I am getting a headache!!!

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why are you posting python stuff in the character animation forum?


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You “POOBA” are going to ask me why I posted out of forum, and you are one of the worst abusers of posting meaningless crap! I wouldnt even contemplate giving you a meaningful answer!

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I’ll wager 40 quatloos on the newcomer! :wink:


P.S. Seriously though, this question would probably
get a more meaningful response in the python forum.

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Hos: I’ll second that. 5 $ against Pooba :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I already answered to his post in the Python forum, that should be enough, if not…

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This was also posted in Finished Projects and Works in progress. What the hell is going on?

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Yes WeirdHat I am guilty of posting out of forums, hoping to get some help, and also hoping not to upset anyone for doing so. My thinking was that alot of blenderheads out there are probably very knowledgeable about the Python and how to use it with blender, but may not browse the Python forum. My thinking was that just because an artist basically sticks to one forum, Char or Finished, or Wip, etc… He or She may be very knowledgeable about Python. So I put out an APB (All Points Bulletin) hoping to get some answers. I have searched and havnt found any good documention on using Python with blender. There is alot out there, but either out dated or to advanced for me. I have already written some scripts, and have a good understanding of Python but not how to get the two together. If me posting in all the forums a question is not an acceptable practice here at elysium, please say the word and it wont happen again, I certainly would respect your opinion on the matter.
I certainly dont want to shake the Bee-Hive!!!

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It’s not acceptable practice – please post python questions in
the python forum only.



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Hey wait a sec… i’m confused. when i have I posted any thing out of forum? I haven’t posted any meaningless crap (unless you count the car and the thing that out of the many other things people thought was a horse, a turtle, a dog, and some other stuff. But that’s it) i can’t think of whatever else you might thing of (brings up the 2 fingers like dr. evil) “meaningless crap”

I even posted my question about python in the python forum.

Just out of curiosity, did you acually post this in the dutch and french blender users forum? That’d probably be kinda stupid…


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I could of read certainly more into your post than I should of, and I dont change my opinion that the short string with the horse, car, etc… got tiring and old. But meaningless crap was uncalled for, and for that I apologize. I have seen alot of your work, and it is good, hell, certainly better than my stuff. So please forgive me, and I will take you out to lunch or something!

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Thank you, i forgive you.