A little help anyone?

Hello! Me and a friend are making a short movie and decided to incorporate a 3D spaceship, my friend downloaded blender and made this in a few hours but now it needs texturing. We where wondering if anyone could either texture it for us or give us some pro tips on how to go about doing it.
Civilian Transport.blend (1.4 MB)

To do a good job texturing, you need to UV unwrap. TO do this, go into edit mode, select all, by pressing A, then hit U. This will bring up some options. Hit “Smart UV Project”.

Now, go to the material panel–on the right side of the screen, click the shiny ball button.

Click “New”, and then go to the texture panel–the checkerboard icon–, then you can get an image for your texture.

Btw, your friend must be an amazing learner if he created that within a few hours of downloading Blender. :open_mouth:

Cheers, and welcome to the forums.

Thanks! This helped allot, yeah he’s pretty good, it’s his first 3D work, he worked solidly into the night! We are still working on the colour and texture process though, that’s a lot harder!

Don’t forget to use tileable textures; if you don’t there’ll be noticeable seams in the texture. There are some good textures at CGTextures.com.