A Little Help From My Friends.

(Elsdon) #1

My first post. I’m so proud. :-?

At any rate, as I almost never consider my work complete, I thought I should start here.

This is my web-site.


I set it up really so people here could stop by, see my stuff and perhaps give me some suggestions to improve these and my next one. All comments would be greatly welcomed.

Warning, though I am not new to Blender, I am just not very good, so all comments run the risk of being followed up with “How do I do that?”

Thanks in advance for your help.


(Da Bourz) #2

Nice images, but couldn’t we have them in higher res ???

(BgDM) #3

Warning, though I am not new to Blender, I am just not very good

Well, that is very far from the truth. You are very good. I like your images. However, I do agree with Da Bourz, get some higher res images up there so we can see them better.


(Elsdon) #4

Thanks guys. I apreciate the comments. This has been a point of constant frustration.
While most of my images are on the dark side to begine with, I have played around with a lot of options for them, brightness, contrast, even changing the backfround on the site, but to no avail

Part of the problem is I have two computes sitting here and when I bring up the site on my wife’s it seems fine.

I’ll keep trying though. I may need to find the answer with Blender.


(valarking) #5

These are sweet images by themselves, but coming from a new guy, they’re kick ass. Nice job, keep it up, looks like 3d’s for you. :slight_smile: