A little help here!

Ok so I have this model I made In Blender, I wanted to add some detaIl on it so I exported it to Zbrush, but before I did that, i must mention that the model was In multiple pieces so I joIned them all together using CTRL + J, so I messed up the uv´s and I didn´t noticed, soo, I put a lot, and I mean a lot of detail on Zbrush, the whole purpose of this was to bake the normals of the model, so when I was about to bake them on Zbrush I notIced that the uv´s were bad so here I am.

A little resume:

  1. I joIned a multIple piece low poly model into only one, messIng up the uv´s.
  2. I made the hIgh poly detailed versIon of the model.
  3. I need to bake the normal map, I have the detaIled hIgh poly model wIth the wrongs uv´s and the low poly model wIth the rIghts uv´s.
  4. I can´t do It on Blender because It crashes every tIme I try to Import the high poly model (10mIl vertIces)

Thanks you beforehand.

Try it in Xnormal since it can handle very high poly mesh. Blender is not the app you want to use for this kind of high poly mesh. Also blender has very poor baking workflow.

By the way i don’t understand your point about wrong UV on high poly mesh since you never do UV on high poly mesh only on low poly mesh.

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You can just export the lowest subdiv from zbrush (switch off grp in the export settings) fix UVs and re-import. That way you wouldn’t need to take care of cage settings with raycast baking.

Be sure to keep vert order though.

Yeah, i will try Xnormal, i mean, when i joined all the pieces of the low poly model which had the uv right it messed them up really bad and then without noticing that i went to Zbrush and did all the detail, thats how i ended up with the high poly model having the wrong uv

I tried but remember that they are different models overall, one is just a single piece, and the other one is splited on 18.

You can just offset the overlapping UVs per object even if the pieces are combined. (Or split them in zbrush, transfer the UVs in blender and re-import the lowest subdivision for each piece. )

There’s a good chance you’d get artifacts with raycast baking when having overlapping geometry.

I sticked to Xnormal, i´ll export every single piece of the model individually and then bake it with the detailed mesh, just trying to see if it works, wish me luck.

It should work fine I think, especially if you’re doing it for individual pieces.

Should go pretty well with Xnormal and remember you can adjust the distance for the raycast.

And it worked like a charm, thanks both of you for your help :slight_smile:

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Glad your issue is fix have a good one!

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Thank gahd it’s not just me.