A little help on an Ice Age inspired Logo

I was asked to create a logo inspired by Ice Age. Here is the reference image:


I do not want to use the characters since they are copyright. But I wanted something similar to the text and mountains. This is what I have come up with so far:


I feel it is pretty pathetic so far. I like the modeling on the letters but that is about it. I really need a more believable mountain range underneath. Any suggestions. This truly is a WIP. So, I would like some ideas I can implement to make this better.


yeah, the letters are pretty neat, they are a little bit difficult to read though…
Have you used proportional editing for the mountains? Try to make them steeper, more harsh, and move the camera down quite much so that the mountains looks larger… Also, if you look at the ice age image, you notice that the logo is tipping over, almost like a threat, but it makes it more clear and easier to read with a low point of view.

my 2c

Hy, thanks for the quick reply. I’ve taken some of your useful feedback and created this new image. Anyone have any further help based on this latest render?


Letter R needs some work, not clear enough.
Nice job.

It’s coming along nicely. You might want to make the edges of the ice below the words to be softer, they look to sharp at the moment.
Also, the “R”, “N”, and “A” in the words are really hard to read. Keep tweaking it, it’s looking good.

Are the letters more legible now?


I’d say that they are better,… Is it intentionally that all the R’s look different though? I’m not sure if i like that in tundra or in cavern more…

hm, a thought, as the text is made of ice, maybe it would seem more “real” to have it less round… and i’m not only talking about the bevel.

No it was not intentional that the Rs were all different. I got lazy. Here is an updated pic. The things I improved were:

  1. Added more junk falling.
  2. Made the junk falling smaller.
  3. Made the white on the letters whiter
  4. Removed the crappy sun and added some birds instead
  5. Added some cracks
  6. Added some more geometry on the cliff face

I decided to keep the letters rounded for now since that is how they were in the Ice Age image. The customer has not complained about it. Any more help/thoughts?


Some color tweaks…


Time to go back to work. Any comments would be appreciated…


Every letter should be a bit separate from other letters, no
white of a letter going to other letter´s white.

That’s an interesting comment. I was hoping to mak it look like one row of letters was sitting on the row of letters below it. But your method would have them look to be floating above eachother. It would be more legible but less believable… if huge letters careening off a cliff could be said to be believable…


hmm It could be done if the second row from bottom was moved a bit
towards camera, and top row most.

I agree with this, and it would actually make sense for the top-most to be sliding off the cliff first.

The letters are looking great!
One note is that in the poster the ice and the letters appear to be the same material. I recommend to at least see what your render looks like with the letters and the ice as the same material. Personally, I’d go with the material currently on the letters… the birds are much better than the sun, imo.
Great work! Keep Blending!

What about this? I also pulled the mtn down on the sides a little more to make it look like it was sitting atop a mountain rather than a cliff:


More tweaks…

  1. Angled the Z
  2. Made it look more mountainous
  3. Tweaked the lettering and crack a bit


It’s looking great!

have you tried pulling back a little with the camera and a little less severe angle. That might be a bit closer to the “Ice Age” view. Just a suggestion to at least see what it looks like… looking great as is.

I would convert to mesh and give the Face a white texture and the extruded part a blue texture. I think you are going about this in a way more complex than it needs to be.

Model smart not hard…

Looks great, i like the birds… but i think i’d keep the little more zoomed image, where the text is larger.
Also, you could check what the effect would be of leaning the text a little bit towards the camera, instead of changing the point of view