A little help upgrading to latest blender

Ok so in blender 2.49 I would use IPOs to animate objects in the game engine (doors, obstacles). I tried to make this work in blender 2.65 but it just wouldn’t go. I set a start and end frame but it still won’t play in the game engine. How exactly do you do this now?

ah, @…## 2.6x ! :wink:
Well, I must confess that now its even more easy!
The IPO’s are now F-curves.
Start the cube scene, selected!
Frame 1, I key, insert Rot key
Rotate the cube a little.
Frame 25, I key insert Rot key again!
In Logic Editor:
Keyboard Sensor - Spacebar key -> AND -> Action Actuator - Play ( click the “diamonds” little icon below, to get the Action’s name), set Start: to 1, and End: to 25.
Press P key, the cube should turn…I hope!
ps. The Action Editor is now “inside” the “Dopesheet” one!

THANKYOU, the only bit i missed was selecting the action name. IT WORKS!