A little help with mesh extruding...

Well, i’m trying to create a model… of course ^^; Some parts i have extruded point-by-point (I made sure the points are closed up as i made sure i can remove doubles… if that changes anything or not i dont know ^^)

(By point-by-point, asume i deleted 3 points, out of 4 from a plain, and re-built that plain one point at a time and then joined the last one)

Now i’m asuming unless you have 2 points selected and say extrude down to make a squre, that will make a face, while point by point only acts as a structure (“hollow”, “circle”, “hole” look at it either way…)

How can i fix it? in the less time consuming way? not any “make face” option is there for the points u have selected?

I don’t quite get what you’re saying here what exactly is wrong here?
If it’s because you have a loop of verticies and such and you want to fill it in select the loop and press shift F

First close you shape by selecting your end points and WKEY>Remove Doubles or Alt MKEY>Merge to Center.

Select 3 or 4 points and use FKEY to make a face, and work across you structure until you have filled the whole thing.


Select all you points extrude EKEY>Region then SKEY and scale down, you may want to do this a few time depending on how many faces you want on the structure, then MKEY>Merge to Center and WkEY>remove Doubles.

Hope this helps.

Fkey worked in the method i was hoping ^^, Shift F also worked but added cross sectons (if thats the right word), but was actually quite useful and was somthing i needed ^^.

So a thanks to you both ^^

To clerify what i ment Kansas_15, if this helps at all (lol) i had somthing similar to blenders plains/circles (“2d” as to “3d”) but wouldnt render as a face / object, it was just points.

Thanks again, ^^