A Little Help

i would like a little help im not starting a project persay i just want to learn some of the skills so that if i would like to i can i want to learn the process of makeing a FPS now ive done some blender game engine tutorials (the easy ones) pretty much by the end of this i want to have a FPS template (like the one that weve all herd of) exept i dont want to use this i would like to create my own not that theres anything wrong with it i just want to create my own ok heres what ive done ive made a cube that moves forward backward and turns left and right and ive made a sphere (physical) that rolls and reacts with other objects. i know that it may sound as if im biting off more than i can chew but ive got the well entusiasm to work my way through it one of the first things so the main question for now is i would like to know how i can use the camera and make it so the mouse movement controls where the camera is moveing when this is answered i will ask others i have but one step at a time for now i want to get this acomplished thanks

(oh and another thing ive been useing blender for a while content creation and most UI are no problem)

The first thing you need to focus on, is learning logic bricks to their full extent. When you are comfortable with Logic bricks, then learn Python. I know Python programming sounds scary at first, but you simply must learn it. If at first you struggle at Python, don’t give up. If you do give up trying to learn Python, you might as well give up game programming. Practice Python everyday, I want you to be able to pee Python code in the snow.

Learn the quirks of Game Blender, learn it’s strong points, it’s weaknesses, and it’s limitations.

I know it is tempting, but do not attempt to begin a serious game project that you intend to finish until you have years of gameblender experience, and can code a game with your eyes closed.

As you are learning, you must accept that 99% of the projects you start, will end off being abandoned; this is normal when you are learning, and each project you work on will teach you valuable lessons.

ok well then where do i start what do i learn with python first