A little Hogwarts video

For Harry Potter fans:

Still unfinished, but I’ve lost motivation to work on it further.
Castle download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18FxA0gapGX8ZlabkG-WtO0PvD4c-blLG/view


Hey, great job. The scale is impressive!
You only miss the stomping willow… :dizzy:

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Great ! So much effort in …
How much time did you spent on it?

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Yeah :slight_smile:
I wanted to have trees and foliage all around but never got to it.

I’ll leave it up to Warner Bros. to make a game in Hogwarts. Hopefully one day…

I’ve worked on it very sparsely for 2 years.
I initially wanted memorize the castle’s layout and play with it, which I did.
It’s amazing how much the layout changes throughout the movies, when you actually focus on it.