A little message help

(KingJames) #1

I left my Blender book and notes at home :frowning: and need a little help on messaging in python. I set up a test demo so that I have two planes.

All I want to happen is for planeA to sent PlaneB a message and for Plane B’s property to change according to what the message is. Note that I have the debugger on.

PlaneA: Property called Fredo=1

Sensor: Keyboard (Key G)
Controller: And
Actuator: Message To: PlaneB Proptery is Fredo=1

PlaneB - Property called Fredo=0
Sensor: Message

What step am I missing?

(OTO) #2


want you that the plane B property change when you press
G key??

Select the Plane A, add a Keyboard sensor linked to a Message Actuator
with, let’s say “Frida” in the subject field.

Now select the Plane B, add a Message sensor with “Frida” in the subject
field, and link it to a Property Actuator with Ex: Add and the name of the
Plane B property with Ex value 1.

This way when you press G key Plane B Fredo property will change 1 each time

Is this clear?