A little pen and ink.

Figured I’d try my hand at pen and ink. Image is of a Russian soldier in WWII deceased after artillery fire. Results (took about 40 hours):

Note: I would recommend Right Click --> View Image in order to scale it.

That’s some insane shading there… :slight_smile:

I really like how the flowers seem to be “implied” rather than fully defined.

you can defintly see the time put into it
how big is it ? (im imagining something huge with 40 hours, and of course the big image here

Thanks guys. Cire, the image actually isn’t that huge. About 10 by 14 I’d guess.

nice style.

next time i would recommend to scale the image before posting.


Thank you Basse. And yes, I agree about scaling it, but I wanted people to be able to see the linework if they wanted, but it didn’t work as an attachment. I sort of intended for people to right click+view image.

Awesome, I love it!

Thanks for the comment!

Edit: holy dead post, my bad.

Really nice! But poor horse…

Really nice image. Great work.