A little piece of our history

Our attempt to make a realistic vintage ww2 image of “type 3 chi-nu” a little piece of our history.

We modelled the chi-nu with blender over the weekend and did some post processing to get the final image. This project thought us new things about texturing, lighting, compositing and image manipulation. We hope that you enjoy looking at our little piece of history. We would love to hear what you think and what we can improve upon.

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I think it looks good and you(s) did a nice job. The scale of things seams off. It almost looks like a toy for some reason and its nmot the textures or modeling, something with the scale of the tank compared to the environment in general, tree to grass to tank or maybe its the camera angles… not sure, cant put my finger on it, just seams alittle off to me… Just my two cents, nice job.