A Little Plane

Hi all
After my girlfriend said my plane looked like a kids plastic moulded toy i decided to post it as a WIP for some suggestions and feedback. Its the first time i have used HDRI so the background is temp until i find a better image. Any reason why its so out of focus though?
I have the basic shape thus far. I know its nothing special but im still learning.
Please be hard on any critisism
Thnx alot :slight_smile:
1st image = HDRI
2nd= normal lights


cool. i like it

Simple, clean and looking good. Although there are no ‘cuts’ in the second image. An older update i suppose? I like the first one better, it seems smoother. Keep going with this and start adding details i rekon.

Small update.
the blenderizer: Thnx :slight_smile:
digital_domain: I’ll start adding details now, its just i don’t have much time on my hands. Im thinking some decals and some cuts for panels. I had the glass nice and transparent with BI but can’t get it get it looking transparent with yafray as i would like to detail the inside of the cockpit.
Anyway and [email protected] appreciated.

Your model is nice! One thing that might help with reducing the looking-like-RC-plane effect is to change the background. I think that the grain of the landing strip is big so it makes you think you are standing very close to it (and therefore the plane looks small). Maybe, dunno

Yea, and what would help is to add vector blur to it. That would make it look better and more realistic.

yes, on that scale, you shouldn’t see such clear detail of the tarmac, it makes the plane look like a model plane.
Also more detail on the plane itself.

Hey again all
Ok, so progress is slow as im learning as i go here but a small update.
I think at least the runway is looking a little better. Thnx all for pointing that out.
Dudebot13: Yep, i’ll be doing this:yes:…never used vector blur before but it seems pretty easy to set up. Its just that im rendering with Yafray ATM but i’ll switch to BI to test your suggestion.
Thnx all again
[email protected] appreciated.
Note to self

  1. More detail
  2. Alpha for decal border
  3. Exhaust heat wave effect
  4. Extend the view
  5. Model hangar.
  6. vector blur/BI testing/ Window Cockpit

Looking alot better!
I think u could narrown the runway a little. Also still more detail needed i think. Have you thought about adding some dirt maps?
Keep it up.