A little problem I'm having with textures

I’ve always been a bit unsure on this; when I copy an object and make its texture a single user why do I still get all of the copied objects sharing the same texture settings? Do I have to apply new textures in the edit panel or something?

Any help is greatly appreciated

If you make the texture single user, then the image itself will be single, not the settings. The texture settings are included in the material.

So, try making the material single user.

Hope this helps.

Oh my bad I meant making the material a single user not the texture, yeah it’s troubling me :frowning:

Oh ok.

Ummm…so your materials are single user, but are 2 different materials using the same texture datablock?


Do I have to apply new textures in the edit panel or something?
lol I understand your first post now…yes, you need to make a new texture datablock in the “Texture Buttons”.

Oh my days I’m so foolish :o

I don’t remember that little number in the textures panel too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankyou very very much! :smiley:

No problem my friend :slight_smile:

If this is constantly an issue, you can always go to your User Preferences and add both “Material” and “Texture” to the “Duplicate with Object” section of the “Edit Methods.” This will automatically create new, unlinked duplicates of materials and textures when you duplicate objects.