a little problem with lighting on a clock

im do not know how to fix this and wanted to know if anyone knew how. when i try to make the lighting for my clock there are these lines on it like this:http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k157/seepo1456/clockproblem.jpg

thanks :smiley:

It could be an issue with the geometry itself. It looks like you have a bunch of triangles coming together in the middle. If so, try subdividing those edges to make it a series of rings radiating outward. Also, it looks like you don’t have any subdivision applied, which can make your models look generally more rigid, and therefor highlights and shadows become more rigid too. Also, it looks like the light source is dead center on the clock. You might consider moving it, and even adding more lights.

thanks it did help and i did the lighting like that to show you what i was talking about.