A "little" project to learn Blender

I am doing an animation project to practise my Blender skills and I am going by the credo “good enough is fine by me” as my experience is that I learn less when I get stuck in the details rather than finish my projects and use what I learnt for the next project.

Anyways this is the first creature for the animation and is really a “fan art” from the game WoD. Keeping it fanart as to not get stuck into details as otherwise would do.

Imo the tail movement is the worst of the animation stuff

I am having trouble getting rid of “white strings” where the uv seams are. I did paint so the would go away and checked it from as many angles as possible in animation and using the GLSL modethen later they seems to re-appear when I made the turntable animation. Any advices about that?

I agree with the way you learn. I don’t see the white lines, everything looks good to me.

Ok been a while since last. I’ve been learning three different ways to approach lip syncing and started on a pig pet, so it have taken me a while. Anyway for this/these projects I think using papagayo and the lipsync importer will get me the best results to time ratio and also seems easiest to polish if needed.
Here’s an update with a crude lip sync using papagayo

Thanks for the reply kazinger :slight_smile: the lines disappeared when I uploaded and the quality on the video got worse so something good came out of that :slight_smile:

Ok finally done with the pig textures and fur
Anyway thought I might add my ref pic as well


and some images for those who don’t like videos

The particle fur on your pig is looking good, keep it up.

just a little update made new eyes


@Owldude thanks

I have done the pig’s lightsaber C&C:s are welcome
Click image for larger picture

The pig is a pet that exists in a game I play and I have a clannie who wanted me to
make an animation of the pet kicking butt using a lightsaber since it’s the Dark Side clan.
My initial idea is that some player will insult my clannie and the pig being his pet will get
angry and jump out of the screen into the real world and chop of the players head. I
reckon it will take at least some months to make.

BTW I found this great site when searching for places to learn more about shaders and such

I’m modelling a keyboard for the pig to smash.
Any advices
on how to best approach the modelling?
Atm I don’t use any modifiers and have set the shading to smooth.
I will make the buttons as separate meshes so they can tear/fall off
when the pig smashes it.