A little question

Hi all. Is it possible to create game with same effect ( shadow, multiply uv texture, light glow, antialias, bump mapping or parallax mapping, softbody, you know what I am talking about ) like in splinter cell 3, El matador, or tomb raider anniversary in blender GE. If not, I think I
will stop to fight with it trying to accomplish these effect. Can anyone show me what blender game engine is capable of. I already see the graphic preview for 2.42 and also those shader they made recently with coding, does anyone use these effect in their game or it difficult to reproduce and limited.

You can use antialiasing if your video card supports it. Simply enable it in your video card settings and all Blender content will be anti-aliased, including the 3D view windows.

Thank you I will try that. What about the other function ?

I hear ya
Ive got the same question
let’s define it with laymans terms and add what it needs to be better like Unreal engine
which costs 500,000 per titile you make with it.
I cannot code much but I can create any graphic or gui or icon or toolbar and with good
I make interactive graphics for the U.S. Navy
I’m not active I have 4 Years US Marine Corps and now I’m a civilian working for the Navy

Well let’s see…

  1. Shadows there is a Python script for realtime shadows, however, it is a bit more complex than the realtime shadows seen in commercial engines. Static shadows can be created quite beautifully using render baking.

  2. Multiple UV’s Yes.

  3. Light Glow One of the devs is currently working on a builtin bloom system. So, coming soon but not yet.

4. Anti-aliasing already discussed

  1. Bump mapping Yes it’s possible but I will admit I’m not sure how it’s set up.

  2. Softbody Anyone who has done a softbody simulation will tell you that softbody is way too complex to be calculated in realtime. Have you actually seen a game that used this feature?

Plus some bonuses…

  1. Ragdolls Not implemented for skeletons yet, but can be hacked together using constraints.

  2. Depth-of-fieldThis does not exist yet in Blender thankfully.

  3. Heat distortion Not yet.

good start