A little reflections test

this look good enough for a reflection? or what can I change?

it exceeded the transfer rate, so here is a low res

Looks good.

You could reduce the COL slider in the Material window to about 0.4 to 0.5 and also reduce the VAL slider as well. That will make it less saturated and looking like it is part of the background.


aside from the insanely long load time, coo.
Now all u need is a penguin and it’ll be perfect!!

You guys’ll hafta donate a penguin, I can’t cough up organics yet

what is a col slider?

Click on your texture for the EnvMap and then look at the bottom right of your material window. There should be the COL, NOR, & VAL sliders there.


that is really just friggen incredible, thank you for sharing the knowledge! man, I’m just scratching the surface of blender! WOOOOW I’ll get you guys another render in a minute

ok, I updated, but geocities is down, and village photots sucks, is there any other image host to use?

http://photo.starblvd.net/DMBadCat/2-3-3.jpg this is a low res
oh nevermind, maybe it is up…
oh fer crying out loud, see for yerself, it is a very strange website- I guess if and when you get the chanced to see it

Very nice,

now next step:

place a second sphere and make them reflect BOTH the environment AND each other :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s better, but could be improved slightly more IMO. Play with the HSV settings on the material some as well.

Ditto. %|


ok, well I did some editing, and some messing around
http://photo.starblvd.net/DMBadCat/2-3-5.jpg is what I came up with…
that was the low res of the new image, here is the high res if you can access it

EDIT: please note, if you cannot access either of these, just email me at [email protected] - and I’ll send you a copy of whatever you request… thanks for the responses guys! preciate it

Excellent my young Padawan :wink:

Did you use the zblur plugin for the DOF or was it post pro with a filter?

Keep up the good work.


If only I knew what that stuff was! actually I just used photoshop, with a gausian blur, and some tablet blurring…