A little something (GAME) from me to you

(Fred_Pyo) #1

Hey everyone!

I never, ever, posted anything in this forum, or NaN’s Blender forum, because eveything I made, just sucked :slight_smile: , or I never finished working on it. So, after a long break from Blender, here we have it, Guble (the name of the character) in his game!

You’ll need a good Video Card, if not… you can imagine what will happen… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, you tell me, it is good? Or it sucks?
[Please ommit any spelling mistakes]

(saluk) #2

It’s one of those things where you play it, then you die, then you think about what you did wrong and do it again, then die again, and play again, until you get it right. The combat with the enemy was a little too hard, and I didn’t have enough ambition to defeat him. He also seems to turn a little too slow, but as you said, it could be my somewhat slow (for blender anyway) video card. That I’m even able to discuss higher level design type decisions is testament to the game’s quality! Keep up the good work, and if most of your other things were half as good as this, then they were better than some of the games some other people have published. Fall down forever anyone?


I like the view by the way, and the tune fits nicely, and nice fog effect and… well, I could go on, but I’ll let someone else respond with whatever I may have missed.

(SeaCigar) #3
    1. :slight_smile: :o :-? :slight_smile: :o :x :x :o :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :x :x :x

Wondering what all that is all about? That is the chain of emotions I felt playing this game: the intro, fog, fake haze (ala super mario 64), and animated textures all create a very high “wow” factor. The control does feel stiff… so I’d like to suggest that you make it so an arrow key assigns a direction, rather than the rotate and proceed method you are using currently(since you have a fixed camera, It wouldn’t hurt your game anyway). The trial and error method frustrates me, but thats only because I’m a die-hard gamer used to relying on pure skill to blow through levels on the first try, but if it is a “puzzle” game, like you mentioned, It won’t hurt overall gameplay. The frustration is relieved quite nicely when you realise you can handle the problem with a few brain cells.

The character seems a little misplaced in his ambient atmosphere; a bit “flat” if you will: try parenting a few lights in key areas to him, and make him sensitive to light to give him some gloss.

My major complaint is one that I have with alot of close combat games: with the stiff controls, and a lack of fight or flight options (please make the three hit combo optional :wink: ) it becomes frustrating to battle ANYTHING. Given the quality of the game so far how ever, I bet you can fix everything in fairly short order.

Lastly, and this is more of a personal request than anything else: do you think you could teach me how you set up some of the level? Mainly, I would like to know how you made your black fog in the distance (easy to learn) to how you made your haze on the ground (harder to learn). I am making a game myself, and I need help with realtime texturing. I could just ask you to texture my levels, but that would be lazy. So PLEASE show me how you made those cool effects! :wink:

Also, one thing that is almost nessessary to have in games these days is real time cinema cutscenes, which you have at the beginning of your game; it would be easy enough to make seperate scenes, but yours seems to be blended into the real level. I would really appreciate it if you could help :slight_smile:

(steve343) #4

wow i think its pretty cool. got a real prince of persia feal to it.
seings its such a complete work ask kib if u can post it on the main forem.
mabey itll get ore people to use the game engine.

(Pooba) #5

Cool game! I agree, the turning is way too slow, so i opened it and doubled the turn speed and it works a lot better.

I didn’t like how whenever you pushed alt it performed all of the moves. Maybe if you hit it like 3 times then it would, but once should only do one swing.

The graphics were pretty good, but i think maybe you should make your guy light sensitive, it looks like a big blue blob. You should try to make your body look a bit better.

Great job!


(bg3D) #6

Me like! Dos problemas solamente: 1. turning- he turns to slow to move around
2: (this would just make it even cooler) animate the “ojos”, por favor!
P.S. Un mas problema: I like the site. The two animations are very gross.
great work!

(Yamyam) #7

Nice work! This is one of the high quality game that I’ve ever seen.
But, I want to turn this character faster too. This factor is independent of CPU and Graphic card speed.

BTW, Do you like the L’Arc~en~Ciel?:slight_smile:

(Fred_Pyo) #8

:smiley: I’m happy
I thought of making Guble move to the direction of the key pressed (key up pressed: go up) but… well, I just got lazy.
The lighting stuff, well, pretty simple to do, may just get to it sometime.
You see, I never finish up stuff, I HATE IT :x !.. Now I’m working on the episode 2 of the Flash animation in my site (I really love Hitokiri Psycho).
About the attack combo, easy I guess, but, gotta finish my flash animation first.
What do you mean with animating the eyes, bg3D? You mean, blinking? (Saluk’s animatedtexture thing will help I guess…)
The fighting stuff (sword collision) is… tough, cuz you all know by now that when your character is a ball, it is easy to control de collision. (If you noticed, you only need to walk right behind the rock guy to kill him :smiley: ) Maybe I should replace the sword with… magic… but… it’s not the same thing, ain’t it?
Well, I will work on additional levels someday in the future (when I finish up Hitokiri Psycho Episode 2) , along with improved player kontrol and some GUI… and lighting, and better FIGHTING CONTROL!!!
To Yamyam:
“Oh c’mon! “L’Arc~en~Ciel - Spirits Dream Inside” is SO GOOD (so is Final Fantasy, and so is Aki Ross :wink: ) , besides, the Song for Samurai X is also SO GOOD… 4th Cafe was it? :smiley: (I have an untextured model of Kenshin Himura somewhere in mi computer…)”
SeaCigar, I’m more than willing to help u with your game.
Will work on everything you said guys.

(Fred_Pyo) #9

By the way, where can I find Kib? :-?

(SeaCigar) #10

Try the #Blenderchat channel on this site, as Kib is sometimes a moderator there… other than that, though, I’m not too sure :wink:

(S_W) #11

Wow, great job! :stuck_out_tongue:
I only think it’s a little bit hard to know what is a dangerous and what a non dangerous situation.

(Carl) #12

Very nice game, and nice animations!.. Must have been quite some trouble with all the LogicBricks, you have my respect.


(ineedanewbi) #13

hey, could someone give me the direct link to the game file please?
my computer is a piece of junk and anything involving java script does work or load.

i couldnt go to the site and i couldnt download the game.


(Haunted-House) #14

Great job, the only problem is he’s a little slow :slight_smile:



(SeaCigar) #15

I sent you a private message and my game sample through your email; please let me know if you get it :slight_smile:

(Fred_Pyo) #16

I think the file is at:


That’s it