A Little Test on Personality

Its been months since i have posted anything.
A head i have worked on for 3 days…
Should i call it finished? lol

It’s very good, I like it. The only thing I would change is the material since it’s a bit hard to make out the details. If it’s see-through then some caustics would be nice, otherwise I think you should change the mirror colour so that the reflections are more golden.

great work!

Cool, i’ll play with the mirror map. I think your right. Wasn’t intending on it being translucent/ transparent but you have a pointed out a few things i think i can fix.
Thnx alot. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good, but there is not enough contrast. If you are raytracing reflections, you might want to put a black card up off screen for it to reflect.
It might benefit from some Ambient Occlusion as well.

did you model that face? cause I’ve seen it else where
the lightwave forums use it to show off their materials.