A little test

I just have fun sculting this dude. my goal was to improve my skin shader (a lot of twiking to do again and again…)
I think I will gimp this one one day maybe. It tooks me about 7 hours for this result. I start with a single vertex, skin modifier then dyntopo, ect ect…
Cycles: original size 4000*2000 1 hour rendering.
Happy blending every one!

Finally, I decide to pose this dude…

And this is my final update. I suppose…


I love your knowledge of anatomy. Hope to see node setup of your shaders when you are done!

yes i will share it with the community when I think it must be…

I want whatever he’s eating for breakfast.

Hi. classic Bacon and eggs

I could take that guy. He’s just a big sissy with a rope belt.

Seriously though, I love the sculpt. It’s tremendous. The skin is outstanding.

One alibi, what are your computer specs, CPU/GPU/RAM? That seems quick for a cycles render.

Fantastic. Is he rigged? If yes, just put him in a nice pose and it’s ready for the gallery (of fame:)) imho http://blenderartists.org/forum/asset.php?fid=208213&uid=143687&d=1361543479. Congratulations.


GtX 660 ti.

Maybe one day…

Wow, outstanding work, Damien! Fantastic proportions and build to this character, as well as materials, modeling, and rendering.
I like that he is dressed in what you might consider a classical style of clothing, but when you look closer you realize he is wearing all modern day items.
Great job!

Hi damien, you always amaze me with your creations! Sign me up as a big fan! I hope this one wil get into the gallery. Love your skin shader, any chance on sharing some tips? Exelent rating deserved…
Someone please hire this guy, i would if i could

This skin shader needs a bite more attention i think. Thanks pensart.

What I do get immediately from the image is : Redneck Hulk.

Amazing work, can probably be notched up to a 5*.

thanks swaschan.

Np, was in a good mood. Lucky for you.

ha! I’m joking, you are the best!

Really not bad for a test.

I hope do better for the future.

Very impressive and I like the look of the character. I think I saw a similar character in a game.:yes:

Very very nice!
Excellent from me.
This dyntopo etc etc is killing me though.
This etc etc is not for everyone. (OK for me, maybe)
So, you did retopo it, UV it already, painted it… baked it etc etc LOL
This still is a T pose though. Not great for the finished projects topic.