a little zelda

hey there people.

this is my first attempt at putting a game together, I’m well aware that this isn’t original or anything- but I wanted to start putting it together- skipping the majority of the design phase- just so I can wrestle with the mechanics of it.

Even so, I’m doing the modelling, rigging, texture, anim etc. no assets plucked from online here (except the sky, which I will change eventually).

anyway , so far it plays really nice, excuse the bad video quality.

here it is…


really nice
keep up the good work (:

A 2D sidescrolling Zelda, huh? Looks pretty good. Link’s run cycle’s a bit too cartoony to me, but that’s also the style that Link himself’s in. Perhaps his walk and run cycles could run a bit faster. Good texturing on the houses - the grass blends into the houses a bit too uniformly, though. Nice so far.

hey, thanks.

@Doppelhelix- I"m not sure how far I can go with this project, I certainly hope to have a couple of good levels but the task of zelda is too big for me.

@SolarLune- I’ll sort the grass out pretty soon. when you’re working on something- details like that need pointing out, i don’t consider anything final.

even now I don’t know what this will turn into, I started purely as an exercise- learning one thing helps me to improve seemingly unrelated things somehow. eg: I’ve only done single asset projects before- I’ve had to speed up my process of model, unwrap, texture to compensate and hope things don’t turn out rushed looking.

Funny little project :slight_smile: Not much to crit. Good start. You just need to build upon it. Maybe make the front half of the house transparent when the hero is inside? Add menu, sounds, expand the level etc.
Nice job! :slight_smile:

good progress so far…keep it up…ill definetly expect more videos for the future!

thanks for the support, it really helps

I’ve been working on the interior of the house. when you go inside it switches to a new scene with a traditional zelda viewpoint and controls, so i"m thinking: interiors scenes such as dungeons will be traditional zelda while the outside scenes will be platform based, similar to zelda II. I’m complicating my life somewhat but it will definately add richness to the game I think.

I will post a new video of my progress when I can show this working nicely.