A Lone Hedgehog

Hello all who may read this. I am currently working on a chibi/anime style hedgehog.(Once I figure out how to post a pic I will show you.) It’s basicly merged geo shapes with a good amount of huge spikes. I need to figure out how to make him look as though he has fur though. If any one has a good source to learn how to make things furry it will help me greatly.

try this:

Looking forward to seeing this, whenever you get it up.

You can host images either by attaching them to your post or with Imageshack.us, which is what most use.

This is my first project so be nice…


Nice? I’ll have to look that up. Anyway post a bigger render if you can please.

Interesting that you modeled the spikes. Have you tried using particles? I’d focus on the shape of the body first and worry about the spikes later. The head and body don’t look so bad on their own. Keep at it.

Thanks for the comment sonic TH. I have yet to work with particles yet. Just modeling. I was hoping that if I left the spikes modeled it would look more “anime/chibi-ish”.

Oh, and it still doesn’t have a name. Anyone got any ideas?

You can host images either by attaching them to your post or with Imageshack.us, which is what most use.

Some of us use Photobucket.com too, which is a better host because it allows you to put the image directly into the thread, instead of a link to a sized-down image on a an ugly page with ads.

As Sonic said, can we see a larger render? I don’t have any suggestions, I think it looks pretty good.

For the spikes, may I suggest something?


Use particles for the spines. You can curve them, and even make 'em pointy, as explained in that tutorial.

Just an FYI: Imageshack doesn’t have adds and you can copy and paste the direct link to get an image right in the post.

But as long as you don’t use putfile it’s just a matter of preference.

Yes, it does have ads.


no it doesn’t… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure you’re going to Imageshack.US?


Somebody else’s model, I just remembered it was at Imageshack. There’s an ad under the picture. I guess you can direct link it but most people use the thumbnails which take you to the page with the ads, and often you have to click to resize it, and sometimes you have to click to resize it twice…

Hmm, ok you’re right there is an add, honestly I never scrolled down to look at it before though.

If You have Firefox, direct linking is actually easier than posting thumbnails.



Back to the topic…

Looks pretty good, phi_owl.
You can see the faces pn the cones you have used as the spikes, you can get rid of this by pressing the ‘set smooth’ button when a cone is selected.
Also, will the hedgehog have arms/front legs ?


Thanks for the tangent people. Now I am really confused. As for the question about arms…well, no… they would have to be on his front and I rather have him be a crazy deformed cartoon. He is being butchered so someone can animate him so I have been working with particles but it isn’t going so well. I need to figure out how to make an actual spike, not a strand. I’ll work on it and let all of you continue on your endless tangents. :-?